Saturday, December 31, 2011

By Merisa Chenery

How can I put this series in simple terms...Egyptian GOD, and his six perfect chiseled bodied 3000 year old EGYPTIAN WARRIORS looking for their destined mates.Sounds fairly simple...right?
Only things are never simple where love is concerned. This is a double blinded date,and if that's not bad enough they have fangs, drink blood and must tell their mates soon after they meet them or things don't go well for our warriors.This is a good series, but each successive book gets just too predictable. Though each mate's story is different, the nuances are just more of the same.The books are way too expensive for ebooks.Don't get suckered in with the initial free book in the series or you'll probably do what I did, which is continually purchase each book in the series just to find out the ending.Like I said...too expensive!
Always Midnight
By Tiffany Foster
Purchased at Kindle

If only all of it contained the same original thought that I viewed glimpses of, it might actually be a decent mini-novel.Oh, but shame.There was so much of Twilight's material in this book that it was borderline plagiarism.There was, toward the middle to end, enough good material to let me know the author has some potential writing talent.So use that wonderful imagination I know GOD gave you, and write your own novel, but always proof-read your work before you publish it! ;*)