Saturday, May 12, 2012

Passing of Life

My life has been one of passing, my children's childhood passing before me, helpless, and hopeless to stop it, while they slip through my grasp, and grow before my eyes. A life of passing, as time flows through the proverbial hourglass, my youth, my health, and my life passes on into a dark abyss never to be the same again. Next July my eldest turns 25, next month my second turns 13, a teenager in every sense of the word. My third just turned 10, and is already becoming surrounded by the worries of life's responsibilities. My fourth, at 8, is following close behind, though his levity is a balm to my soul. My hopes for my children grow every day, and my amazement of them is only eclipsed by the awe I feel for who they are. Funny, inteligent, couragous, thoughtful, loving, caring, with a heart of gold, my boys are my reason for remaining in this life, and yet I fear I am not worthy to raise these gifts. They are, you know, pure gifts from GOD, and as angry as I am with him, even I have to admit, he has made each one perfect. I can only hope I do not do more harm than good.

Julia Sheer - You Will Never Be

50 shades of gray

Funny how information comes from the most unlikely sources. I was wanting to increase my internet speed, so I called Timewarner Cable. The lady I spoke with was VERY patient with me as I asked her question after question about my plan, and how I might go about getting the most for my $. As we were working on a solution, we began to discus cell phones, our teenage kids, and soon the conversation touched upon books. Her very enthusiastic recomendation for reading material was a book titled '50 Shades Of Gray' she said she saw discussed on 'The View'. After concluding our converstion, I left her with a request to drop me an email of any other books she likes. I then searched my Kindle for this highly recomended publication, and was surprised at the $30.00 price for the trilogy. Granted, it is in the top 10 list for Amazon, but we are talking about an EBOOK, for crying out loud! I am not the only one complaining either. I then discovered it was being offered cheeper on paperback! Now, that really ruffled my feathers. So, ladies, I did what any self respecting consumer would do, and searched online for the cheapest price. I have not finished my search as of yet, but I did come across the video I have published on my blog. I just couldn't help but share it. I thought it was so hilarious, and so many of us can totally identify, not quite to that extreme, but it was such a clever way to advertise, I have to give it up to the company who pulled this off... well done! If I purchase this book I'll let you know all about it, but so the price is too steep, we'll see if I cave in and buy it, or not.

SNL 50 shades of grey skit (good quality)