Saturday, May 12, 2012

50 shades of gray

Funny how information comes from the most unlikely sources. I was wanting to increase my internet speed, so I called Timewarner Cable. The lady I spoke with was VERY patient with me as I asked her question after question about my plan, and how I might go about getting the most for my $. As we were working on a solution, we began to discus cell phones, our teenage kids, and soon the conversation touched upon books. Her very enthusiastic recomendation for reading material was a book titled '50 Shades Of Gray' she said she saw discussed on 'The View'. After concluding our converstion, I left her with a request to drop me an email of any other books she likes. I then searched my Kindle for this highly recomended publication, and was surprised at the $30.00 price for the trilogy. Granted, it is in the top 10 list for Amazon, but we are talking about an EBOOK, for crying out loud! I am not the only one complaining either. I then discovered it was being offered cheeper on paperback! Now, that really ruffled my feathers. So, ladies, I did what any self respecting consumer would do, and searched online for the cheapest price. I have not finished my search as of yet, but I did come across the video I have published on my blog. I just couldn't help but share it. I thought it was so hilarious, and so many of us can totally identify, not quite to that extreme, but it was such a clever way to advertise, I have to give it up to the company who pulled this off... well done! If I purchase this book I'll let you know all about it, but so the price is too steep, we'll see if I cave in and buy it, or not.

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