Saturday, December 31, 2011

By Merisa Chenery

How can I put this series in simple terms...Egyptian GOD, and his six perfect chiseled bodied 3000 year old EGYPTIAN WARRIORS looking for their destined mates.Sounds fairly simple...right?
Only things are never simple where love is concerned. This is a double blinded date,and if that's not bad enough they have fangs, drink blood and must tell their mates soon after they meet them or things don't go well for our warriors.This is a good series, but each successive book gets just too predictable. Though each mate's story is different, the nuances are just more of the same.The books are way too expensive for ebooks.Don't get suckered in with the initial free book in the series or you'll probably do what I did, which is continually purchase each book in the series just to find out the ending.Like I said...too expensive!
Always Midnight
By Tiffany Foster
Purchased at Kindle

If only all of it contained the same original thought that I viewed glimpses of, it might actually be a decent mini-novel.Oh, but shame.There was so much of Twilight's material in this book that it was borderline plagiarism.There was, toward the middle to end, enough good material to let me know the author has some potential writing talent.So use that wonderful imagination I know GOD gave you, and write your own novel, but always proof-read your work before you publish it! ;*)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Kindle, Moon-Reader, Nook

          I just have to tell you about the cell phone app Kindle. They have this new gadget {technical term ;•) }, at least I think it's new, I haven't discovered it before anyway. With ebook readers if you click on a word, some of them, not all, will take you to another site, and give you the definition of that word, then you must press the 'go-back' button to go back to the page you were reading.This is not too much of an inconvenience, if you don't mind losing your train of thought, or waiting for the page to load.This is where I get to my point, and yes, I did have one. The kindle app's dictionary really rocks! I simply point to the word on my cell phone's touch screen, and there it is, a little box with my definition right there on the page I'm reading! Most of the time that is enough, but if I want more information all I need do is press the 'more' button in the magical box, and I am looking at the dictionary page for that alphabetically arranged group of words. Which, also, gives me the option to flip pages in the dictionary, just in case there is the occasionally misspelled word. When I'm ready to go back to reading I simply press the 'go back' button & I am back to the page I was reading.Great gadget!
          OK, so it doesn't take alot to get me excited. If you're like I am though, you will want a good dictionary at your fingertips for when you find yourself reading out of you intelligence range.   :•p  This small thing can mean the difference between ereaders you choose. Of course, I can't be happy with just one store to shop in, so I have an independent  ereader called Moon-Reader which I use for the pdf ebooks I download off the internet.Mostly I download off of Smashwords for independent authors. You would not believe the treasures I get there, it is superb! Not all are free, but alot are. Check back here with me and I will give you reviews on the ebooks I read. I try to get free ebooks most of the time due to my fixed income, multiple medications, and four growing kids with growing appetites. Many of the ebooks have no, or few reviews, so I'm willing to waste my time, so you don't have to.      ;•)  I don't mind, anyway, I enjoy reading.
          Back to the ebook reader Moon-Reader.The reason I like that one, even though it does NOT have a dictionary, is for the various options I have like font shape, color, size,and background choices. I read at night alot, and I don't always want to read with a black screen and bright white letters, so now I can have a green screen and blue letters if I want, and it's free! Just take a look at it, you probably will like it too.
          Like I said, I shop more places than one. Barnes and Noble's Nook I use as well for the freebies mostly, though I do buy some books, the price at Amazon is usually the cheapest so I have to use Kindle for those. Maybe one day I'll get to write-up the pros and cons to all the stores, apps, and ereaders for ebooks that are out there, but I think that would take a long time.Until then, don't stop reading however, wherever, and with whatever you can!

A Reluctant Vampire by Carla Krae

A Reluctant Vampire by Carla Krae

This was just a short story,but a very good short story.A nice twist on the vampire scene.I was really
getting into it when it ended.Major bummer!I would like to see it continued,but unfortunately Carla has
the worst kind of writers block...her arm is temporarily out of commission.So,while we are wishing for her
a speedy recovery I will tell you a little bit about her teaser.
It all begins with innocence meets evil,like most good vampire stories.In Carla's world though,the
players are not quite the typical leading characters.The damsel in distress is a dude,and he's blind,but
not totally inept,and the evil villain is a fatal female with some definite domination issues she wishes to
work out on our poor innocent.Not long after their initial encounter the story ends,but it is a great
beginning for a knock out novel.The great writing skills of our author Carla Krae, and her fantastic
imagination can only inspire us...get better soon so you can get to writing,we can't wait to find out what
happens next!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Isn't technology wonderful!

Isn't it use technology with no one holding your hand.......isn't it lovely....with no teenager above me.....I can post to my blog......when my kid's a computer hog......just type in my I don't feel so alone......someone else can hear... me.......when there's no one near... me.........I can talk about my books, complain about my looks, even post pictures I took.......thanks to

Just singing & checking to see if I can post to my blog from my phone now.    ;•)

Abbi... by Louisa Rowe

This is a book review on "Abbi" by LOUISA ROWE .
All her life, a local girl has lived with her mom in a small tourist town.Her mom operates a small ironing business out of their small bungalow. She works at a local hotel catering to the rich, and only makes slightly above minimum wage. In comes another rich family staying in the hotel she works at. The eldest son, out for a stroll, views her on her day off reading by the river, and it's love at first sight. Both are young, though adults, their lives quickly become entangled in a 'whirl wind' romance that shoots off like a rocket. They were even to attend a magical ball, but would they get to go together? It was a forbidden love that, very early on, was discouraged by his father, and he was the host of the ball! How far would his father go to break their connection? A man who thought money could buy anything, would he go too far to turn back? Death is definitely too far, but would he do it? This is a story of love growing, in spite of all those around them trying to put a stop to it. I'm warning you, it's a real tear-jerker! The reason for the tears though,will surprise you! Near the end I couldn't believe what I was reading. I remained in denial up until the end. I had a shortage of tissues when I finished this story. This could be the story of the girl next door. It seemed so real to me I had to double check to make sure it wasn't a true life story, but it trully was fiction, or so I was told. So it was with a heavy heart I closed the book, and began my review. You may think you know what is going to happen, but this is one you would never have guessed! I hoped this has helped some of you to decide whether or not to read it. Though the ending is not how I would have written it; still, it is how it should be for it is a story about... Abbi.
Review written by: Doodles
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Review by Doodles of The Amber Witch by Wilhelm Meinhold

This was, by far, the best book I've ever read! If you can get past the language of long ago, you will be rewarded with the knowledge of a true story rivaling the most sorted of soap operas. The book was written, then hidden, and forgotten for many, many years. Hidden, quite possibly, to protect those in the story around 1797AD and, undiscovered until around 1851AD in a hiding hole in an old church.We almost were deprived of this amazing true story while it's pages were being burned to catch the wax dripping from the candles thanks to an old man with no knowledge of it's importance.Yet, it was rescued just in the nick of time.
This is a story of love, loyalty, devotion, chastity, and heroism of a gravity seldom seen before. Our hardworking heroine was tested in ways surely the devil spent many an hour contriving.Her father close to death, for the grieving of his only daughter, never wavered in the faith of his GOD, and his daughter's innocence.
The evil plotting of their neighbor who, may well be evil incarnate herself, was enough to cause this reader to wish the hottest corner of hell be her home still, and wish sweet release to her poor husband who suffered so miserably.
I must also mention a man of influence, power, and wealth, who must also be described as a scoundrel, a cheat, a murderer, a despicable, deplorable, pitiful excuse of a man, or rather beast to be more precise.This evil creature relentlessly hounded our poor virgin with nothing but lust in his heart, for I feel, this thing was incapable of love.
Do not feel this is a story for the religious only, for this story is of witchcraft, greed, lust, deceit, mass hysteria, war, famine, murder, innocent incarceration, and torture.
I read in wiki answers the following:"Notable Quotations from George Santayana 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' ("Life of Reason," Reason in Common Sense, Scribner's, 1905, page 284") This statement came to me as I was thinking of lessons revealed through this life story of our poor virgin. She wanted nothing more than the health and comfort of her father who, through greed was insufficiently supported by his parishioners, as he frequently went without even enough food to eat. Still yet, he gave no thought of himself, but of his congregation, and his precious daughter first.
So, do yourself a favor, read this story through to the end. It will have you reading late through the night as their life story unfolds before you.

The Amber Witch
by Wilhelm Meinhold
through Gutenberg
Ebook may be downloaded for free at Kobo online store, and possibly through other online stores as well.
I personally like Kobo's ebook reader, but right now on my droid x phone I prefer the Moon-Reader app

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great books!

Do you want to read a good sci fi romance with
action,intrigue, betrayal, & innocence.Do you
want to read one of those books that are hard
to put down; where you must know now what
happened even though it's 3am? Well, I think I
found one. Sci fi is my thing ,& you throw in
some romance,& I'm hooked.Fairies(or fae) have
been portrayed as either fierce or beautiful, but
here you have both and it makes perfect sense
in the book. I found myself falling in love.

Monday, September 26, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: "Moon Series" By C.L. Beville Love My Books!

Hey! I finally made it back to write! I have been
feeling really bad for a while, but enough of that,
I am fighting, and winning the battle today! I have
been reading many books lately, many good
books that is & have so much to tell you! First I
want to say that the cell phone Kindle App has a built
in dictionary that really rocks! I simply point to the word on my
cell phone's touch screen &
there it is; a little box with my definition.Most of
the time that is enough, but if I want more
information all I need do is press the 'more'
button & I am looking at the dictionary page for
that alphabetically arranged group of words which
gives me the option to flip pages in the dictionary.
When I'm ready to go back to reading I simply
press the 'go back' button & I am back to the
page I was reading.Great gadget!
The latest books I've been using my new
trick on are by C. L. Bevill. She has the most
pleasing imagination.This series has four books
in it so far, she has not mentioned anything on
her website about more books in this line...but
I am hopeful.Yes, it was that good! The names
are (drum roll, please) :
Black Moon, Amber Moon,Silver Moon, and
Harvest Moon. 'Suspenseful, romantically spicy,
surprising twists, steamy, funny at times, and
definitely action packed', are but a few of the
descriptions I can attribute to the author's vivid
imagination in the worlds she has created.
Black Moon starts out with a sexygirl
running for her life & a man lurking in the
shadows turning into a wolf, but it's not what
you think, he's actually trying to help.It seems
she's being chased by...more wolves. She just
gets into more trouble from there! But I think
somehow her grey knight in wolfs clothing is
going to keep her safe and then some, if you
catch my drift.The story just keeps getting
better from there.Totally ADULT entertainment, so enjoy!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great APPS!

Have you had time to peruse through your android? Many busy people don't. With family, job, or school who has time to
search for the best apps for your phone? Well, when I run across a good one, I'll be sure to pass it on to you, after all,
what are friends for?
Let me tell you about one of the apps I just can't stop using, Nook for android, and Kindle for android.If you like to read,
even a little, then these are two must-haves! You may have to enter payment info., but you can trust these apps.Nothing
will come out of your acct. that you didn't charge.Nook is an app by Barnes and Noble, yes they SELL books, but they
also give books away! Kindle is backed by Amazon, it too is a book SELLER, but also GIVES AWAY books.There are so
many free books on these two sites that I will never run out of award-winning books to read. Yes, I did say AWARD-
WINNING BOOKS! The variety is outstanding, well worth the time.Guess you didn't know your android was an ebook
reader also. Just in case I lost you, an ebook is a book that has been scanned into the computer and now must be read
on a computer, ebook reader, or android phone.The prices of ebooks are much cheaper than paper books, saves trees,
saves space on the shelves, and weight in your backpack.Not to mention all the free ebooks.You can get every category
possible from sci-fi to biographies for free.There are old authors like Plato, and new authors like Charmaine Harris, and
Nicky Charles (my favorites). Your books will always be with you no matter where you it on the computer at
grandma's house, on the phone in the Doctor's office, or on the beach with your ebook reader. And they will always be
yours, you can even lend your ebooks to your friends.

I hope you can give them a chance, and read a book!