Thursday, October 6, 2011

Review by Doodles of The Amber Witch by Wilhelm Meinhold

This was, by far, the best book I've ever read! If you can get past the language of long ago, you will be rewarded with the knowledge of a true story rivaling the most sorted of soap operas. The book was written, then hidden, and forgotten for many, many years. Hidden, quite possibly, to protect those in the story around 1797AD and, undiscovered until around 1851AD in a hiding hole in an old church.We almost were deprived of this amazing true story while it's pages were being burned to catch the wax dripping from the candles thanks to an old man with no knowledge of it's importance.Yet, it was rescued just in the nick of time.
This is a story of love, loyalty, devotion, chastity, and heroism of a gravity seldom seen before. Our hardworking heroine was tested in ways surely the devil spent many an hour contriving.Her father close to death, for the grieving of his only daughter, never wavered in the faith of his GOD, and his daughter's innocence.
The evil plotting of their neighbor who, may well be evil incarnate herself, was enough to cause this reader to wish the hottest corner of hell be her home still, and wish sweet release to her poor husband who suffered so miserably.
I must also mention a man of influence, power, and wealth, who must also be described as a scoundrel, a cheat, a murderer, a despicable, deplorable, pitiful excuse of a man, or rather beast to be more precise.This evil creature relentlessly hounded our poor virgin with nothing but lust in his heart, for I feel, this thing was incapable of love.
Do not feel this is a story for the religious only, for this story is of witchcraft, greed, lust, deceit, mass hysteria, war, famine, murder, innocent incarceration, and torture.
I read in wiki answers the following:"Notable Quotations from George Santayana 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' ("Life of Reason," Reason in Common Sense, Scribner's, 1905, page 284") This statement came to me as I was thinking of lessons revealed through this life story of our poor virgin. She wanted nothing more than the health and comfort of her father who, through greed was insufficiently supported by his parishioners, as he frequently went without even enough food to eat. Still yet, he gave no thought of himself, but of his congregation, and his precious daughter first.
So, do yourself a favor, read this story through to the end. It will have you reading late through the night as their life story unfolds before you.

The Amber Witch
by Wilhelm Meinhold
through Gutenberg
Ebook may be downloaded for free at Kobo online store, and possibly through other online stores as well.
I personally like Kobo's ebook reader, but right now on my droid x phone I prefer the Moon-Reader app

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