Friday, October 7, 2011

A Reluctant Vampire by Carla Krae

A Reluctant Vampire by Carla Krae

This was just a short story,but a very good short story.A nice twist on the vampire scene.I was really
getting into it when it ended.Major bummer!I would like to see it continued,but unfortunately Carla has
the worst kind of writers block...her arm is temporarily out of commission.So,while we are wishing for her
a speedy recovery I will tell you a little bit about her teaser.
It all begins with innocence meets evil,like most good vampire stories.In Carla's world though,the
players are not quite the typical leading characters.The damsel in distress is a dude,and he's blind,but
not totally inept,and the evil villain is a fatal female with some definite domination issues she wishes to
work out on our poor innocent.Not long after their initial encounter the story ends,but it is a great
beginning for a knock out novel.The great writing skills of our author Carla Krae, and her fantastic
imagination can only inspire us...get better soon so you can get to writing,we can't wait to find out what
happens next!!!

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