Friday, October 7, 2011

Kindle, Moon-Reader, Nook

          I just have to tell you about the cell phone app Kindle. They have this new gadget {technical term ;•) }, at least I think it's new, I haven't discovered it before anyway. With ebook readers if you click on a word, some of them, not all, will take you to another site, and give you the definition of that word, then you must press the 'go-back' button to go back to the page you were reading.This is not too much of an inconvenience, if you don't mind losing your train of thought, or waiting for the page to load.This is where I get to my point, and yes, I did have one. The kindle app's dictionary really rocks! I simply point to the word on my cell phone's touch screen, and there it is, a little box with my definition right there on the page I'm reading! Most of the time that is enough, but if I want more information all I need do is press the 'more' button in the magical box, and I am looking at the dictionary page for that alphabetically arranged group of words. Which, also, gives me the option to flip pages in the dictionary, just in case there is the occasionally misspelled word. When I'm ready to go back to reading I simply press the 'go back' button & I am back to the page I was reading.Great gadget!
          OK, so it doesn't take alot to get me excited. If you're like I am though, you will want a good dictionary at your fingertips for when you find yourself reading out of you intelligence range.   :•p  This small thing can mean the difference between ereaders you choose. Of course, I can't be happy with just one store to shop in, so I have an independent  ereader called Moon-Reader which I use for the pdf ebooks I download off the internet.Mostly I download off of Smashwords for independent authors. You would not believe the treasures I get there, it is superb! Not all are free, but alot are. Check back here with me and I will give you reviews on the ebooks I read. I try to get free ebooks most of the time due to my fixed income, multiple medications, and four growing kids with growing appetites. Many of the ebooks have no, or few reviews, so I'm willing to waste my time, so you don't have to.      ;•)  I don't mind, anyway, I enjoy reading.
          Back to the ebook reader Moon-Reader.The reason I like that one, even though it does NOT have a dictionary, is for the various options I have like font shape, color, size,and background choices. I read at night alot, and I don't always want to read with a black screen and bright white letters, so now I can have a green screen and blue letters if I want, and it's free! Just take a look at it, you probably will like it too.
          Like I said, I shop more places than one. Barnes and Noble's Nook I use as well for the freebies mostly, though I do buy some books, the price at Amazon is usually the cheapest so I have to use Kindle for those. Maybe one day I'll get to write-up the pros and cons to all the stores, apps, and ereaders for ebooks that are out there, but I think that would take a long time.Until then, don't stop reading however, wherever, and with whatever you can!

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