Monday, September 26, 2011

BOOK REVIEW: "Moon Series" By C.L. Beville Love My Books!

Hey! I finally made it back to write! I have been
feeling really bad for a while, but enough of that,
I am fighting, and winning the battle today! I have
been reading many books lately, many good
books that is & have so much to tell you! First I
want to say that the cell phone Kindle App has a built
in dictionary that really rocks! I simply point to the word on my
cell phone's touch screen &
there it is; a little box with my definition.Most of
the time that is enough, but if I want more
information all I need do is press the 'more'
button & I am looking at the dictionary page for
that alphabetically arranged group of words which
gives me the option to flip pages in the dictionary.
When I'm ready to go back to reading I simply
press the 'go back' button & I am back to the
page I was reading.Great gadget!
The latest books I've been using my new
trick on are by C. L. Bevill. She has the most
pleasing imagination.This series has four books
in it so far, she has not mentioned anything on
her website about more books in this line...but
I am hopeful.Yes, it was that good! The names
are (drum roll, please) :
Black Moon, Amber Moon,Silver Moon, and
Harvest Moon. 'Suspenseful, romantically spicy,
surprising twists, steamy, funny at times, and
definitely action packed', are but a few of the
descriptions I can attribute to the author's vivid
imagination in the worlds she has created.
Black Moon starts out with a sexygirl
running for her life & a man lurking in the
shadows turning into a wolf, but it's not what
you think, he's actually trying to help.It seems
she's being chased by...more wolves. She just
gets into more trouble from there! But I think
somehow her grey knight in wolfs clothing is
going to keep her safe and then some, if you
catch my drift.The story just keeps getting
better from there.Totally ADULT entertainment, so enjoy!

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