Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great APPS!

Have you had time to peruse through your android? Many busy people don't. With family, job, or school who has time to
search for the best apps for your phone? Well, when I run across a good one, I'll be sure to pass it on to you, after all,
what are friends for?
Let me tell you about one of the apps I just can't stop using, Nook for android, and Kindle for android.If you like to read,
even a little, then these are two must-haves! You may have to enter payment info., but you can trust these apps.Nothing
will come out of your acct. that you didn't charge.Nook is an app by Barnes and Noble, yes they SELL books, but they
also give books away! Kindle is backed by Amazon, it too is a book SELLER, but also GIVES AWAY books.There are so
many free books on these two sites that I will never run out of award-winning books to read. Yes, I did say AWARD-
WINNING BOOKS! The variety is outstanding, well worth the time.Guess you didn't know your android was an ebook
reader also. Just in case I lost you, an ebook is a book that has been scanned into the computer and now must be read
on a computer, ebook reader, or android phone.The prices of ebooks are much cheaper than paper books, saves trees,
saves space on the shelves, and weight in your backpack.Not to mention all the free ebooks.You can get every category
possible from sci-fi to biographies for free.There are old authors like Plato, and new authors like Charmaine Harris, and
Nicky Charles (my favorites). Your books will always be with you no matter where you it on the computer at
grandma's house, on the phone in the Doctor's office, or on the beach with your ebook reader. And they will always be
yours, you can even lend your ebooks to your friends.

I hope you can give them a chance, and read a book!

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