Monday, August 17, 2015

Been a long time since I wrote. So long in fact, that I almost forgot how to publish anything. I so enjoyed the recent book I read that I felt I needed to share. I think I will try to write more. I think it will help me to process some of what I've been going through. Also, just in case I haven't mentioned this, I've been creating on the PicsArt app under the name @doodlesmanuel. So, go check out my work. If I can figure out how,I will publish my work here. Thank you for listening to my rantings, it's nice to know my voice is heard by at least one other person....
Best series ever read, and the
best Author is Susan Kelley. These are Kindle Unlimited books, so the $11 you spend to rent 10 books a month is definitely going to pay for itself with this series! Bundled into one large book the
Warriors of Gaviron (books 1, 2, & 3) by Susan Kelley is the best Sci-fi book I've ever read. It's about these "aliens" from Gaviron whose home world was destroyed by giant alien spiders (raynids) while a group of Gaviron's warriors were off-world training. They came home to find their world destroyed, they vowed to find this alien ship, & destroy it: killing these raynids as they went. They stumble upon Earth colonies destroyed the same as their world, & eventually find a world with survivors that matched their DNA. Their new mission was decided to try to breed with humans to allow Gaviron to live on, continuing to fight raynids.The story continues as they travel colony to colony, but the story includes the personal relationships of the remaining warriors of Gaviron, & their fight for survival alongside the humans. This book includes twists & turns I didn't see coming, kept me on the edge with fighting action, sci-fi info, interpersonal relationships of a fighting brotherhood, & some romance as well. The ending is unexpected & a pleasant surprise. This is the best book I've ever read, but this does contain some adult content, so personally I recommend it for ages 15 & up. As always, you must make the decision for your child, but definitely enjoy reading it yourself.

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