Thursday, October 25, 2012


I am going nuts getting use to this blog thing.
Forgive me if I am sending half posts or typos.
My phone does not work well with this setup.
I couldn't remember if I told
You how great author Nicky
Charles is.You must read
The Mating, The Keeping, and
The Finding.Adults only though.
Still working on writing my own
novel, I'm on chapter three,
I know, pathetic, right?
Well I figure it will take me
at least a year or more.It's
not going to be a short story.
Not.At.All.I don't think I
could make it short, because
the story is writing itself
and it has started out great,
with alot of info to get out
there. The characters are
starting to fill out nicely.
I'm not being conceted, it's
that it has a life of it's
own.It's kindof hard to explain
how a story writes itself, but
mine has, strange ain't it.
It's about werewolves, but not
traditional at all.The story is
important to me, so I'm afraid
if I put it in my blog as I'm
working on it someone will take
it from me, so I'll just have
to wait until it's done before
I can put it out there.I'm not
sure if it will be free, but
it will be cheep if nothing
else.I hate out when an author
charges too much for an ebook.

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