Friday, October 26, 2012

My Life second entry

I am now on humera shots.They really started working after two or three months.The problem came in when we went on vacation.I tried to get
Joey to take the boys and
leave me, but he wouldn't.He
needed this vacation, and the
boys did too, but he said if I didn't go, nobody would go.
So I felt I had no choice, and
I thought since I was feeling
a little better I would be ok.
I should have known better.
I wasn't well enough for the long painful ride or the exhausting pace of outings daily.You must remember,I don't go out but once every
two or three months, nowhere.
I tried, but I only went once
to the beach, twice to the
pools during our week long
visit, out to eat probably
five times.That's alot for me!
Well, the big kicker was, before
I left I found out my dad was
sick,I didn't know he was in the hospital, but I had not seen my
family in three years after
an argument with my mom, but
me and dad have never had
problems, so I was devastated
to find out not only was he
sick, but in a coma after an
operation but in the next days I found out he died!
Here I am hundreds of miles away and one of the few
people on my side of the
family that I love has died.You know how I found
out? My cousin told me!
Not my mom or one of my two sisters, but my cousin!
Not even an aunt or uncle!
Sure I haven't seen them in
three years, but dad would
never have done that! Mom,
yeah,I can see her doing it
she is vengeful and mean,
but dad never would have
wanted me to find out this way.I never got to say
goodbye! This is too
painful.I can't see through
the tears to swype so I will pick up the story
later.This is coming from my phone so forgive
the errors, thanks.

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  1. By the way dad died July 2012, so, only three months later it is all still raw, and painful to talk about.